About Rέn

A graphic designer behind a bench.

Jewellery making is a passion of mine and every piece has a story to tell, from the moment it was inspired, produced and delivered to you. The vast majority of my pieces are one of a kind, meaning you will be wearing a unique original treasure through the years and immortalising a moment in time for generations to come.

I enjoy working on simple lines, minimalist forms and easy to wear jewellery. There are so many techniques, materials, textures, gemstones, finishes to explore; I am intrigued to try something new every time.

Take a look at my handmade jewellery collection, and see if you can find something that really speaks to you.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  

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A really unusual statement ring like nothing that I own. Very happy with my new purchase which is the fourth ring
I have purchased from this shop.

Sarah O.